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1. What time does school start?
Students from Nursery to Grade 8 can arrive at school as early as 7:30AM. School begins at 8:00AM.


2. How do I pay tuition?
One can pay tuition by coming directly to our office during school hours or via Paypal. Any payments, both tuition and non-tuition, made to Ebenezer Preparatory School must be paid by cash, money order, or credit/debit card.(Card payments incur an extra fee).


3. How much is tuition?
Tuition for our Early Childhood Center is $465 per month due on the 1st of each month from August through May. There are 3 payment plans available for Grades 1 – 8


Plan A is 1 payment of $5,000 due on August 10th
Plan B is 2 payments of $2,550 due on July 10th and October 10th
Plan C is 12 payments of $440 due on May 10th through April 10th


If payments for Plan A and B are not received by their due dates, the Plan C rate will be charged


4. Do students have Physical Education classes?
From January to May our students partake in Gym classes at PacPlex for an extra fee.


5. Where can I purchase the school uniform?
Our school uniform can be found at Ideal Uniform Store (Nursery – Grade 8) and Cookies Department Store (Nursery to Grade 5).


6. Can students wear regular clothes to school?
No, it is mandatory for students to be in uniform every day except for the special days when our administration gives out “Dress Down Day Certificates”.


7. How can I become more involved at Ebenezer?
One could join our vibrant, active PTA committee, attend our fundraisers such as the Gospel Fest and Christmas Pageant, donate to our GoFundMe Page, pray for our students, teachers and faculty, or attend our church service held on Sundays at 11:30 A.M and on Fridays at 8:30 P.M


8. Why are there monthly tuition payments during the summer if our students are not in school?
Our payments are extended during a period of 12 months allowing our parents to have the option to pay less tuition over a longer period time.


9. Why don’t you close for Jewish holidays?
We are a Christian school.


10. Why isn’t gym all year round?
During the first few months of the school year, we practice for our Christmas Pageant which is held in December. Our students utilize our playground during the warmer months.

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